Theatre and Musical Theatre Students Present at Research Symposium

Three senior Theatre and Musical Theatre students present research at the annual Siena Heights University Research Symposium.

Dawn Purcell presented on her process and research into playing the Nurse in Theatre Siena's January production of Romeo and Juliet. Dawn discussed the history of the play and her process. Her process includes marking in where thought changes, why her character says what she says, what does the character hope to achieve by saying this, and finding out 'who' is the nurse.

Alissa Reader recently directed the production of VESTA, a collaboration with the Hospice of Lenawee. Vesta is a story of a family dealing with the illness and the eventual death of their matriarch, Vesta. The goal of the production was to educate the community on Hospice and to have the entire production directed and acted by Siena students. Alissa's research included meeting with social workers at Hospice and watching videos on what happens after a person has a stroke to better direct the characters.

Jocelyn Near presented on her processional research into playing Lady Capulet in Theatre Siena's January production of Romeo and Juliet. Jocelyn's research talks about how she discovered her version of the character and how she filled in the gaps creatively. She developed the character through text analysis and abstract thinking.