Our current technical director Dan Walker on panel and also involved in two theatre productions in Ann Arbor

The Mitten Lab hosted a Kick-Off Event at the Detroit Opera House’s Chrysler Black Box and Sky Deck on Sunday September 13, 2015. The event will include two panel discussions: “What Do We Even Mean by ‘Emerging’ Artist?,” focused on the nebulous “emerging artist” label, and “The State of Theatrical Work in the Michigan Landscape”, which explored the art form’s current position within Detroit’s artistic renaissance as well as in other Michigan cities.

Founded by Katherine M. Carter and Rachel Sussman in 2015, The Mitten Lab, A Michigan Incubator for Theatre Talent Emerging Now, is an artist residency located in Northern Michigan aimed at providing emerging theatre artists with the time, space, and support to develop new theatrical works.

Find out more at themittenlab.org, facebook.com/themittenlab, Twitter: @mittenlab



SHU Assistant Professor of Theater Dan Walker is currently working on two productions in the Ann Arbor area. He directs the play "Bright Half-Life" through Oct. 25 at Theatre Nova in Ann Arbor. To read a review of play, click here. Also, he constructed a set for the Broadway musical "Bonnie and Clyde," which is playing at the Encore Theater in Dexter, Mich.