We have a true passion for music.


The mission of the Music Education program at Siena Heights University is to prepare outstanding music educators in an authentic context learning environment grounded in dynamic real-life experiences. Our undergraduate program provides a rigorous curriculum, rich in content and practice; and designed purposefully to reveal individual student potential as innovative, risk taking, inquisitively unique voices as future music educators. 

Our faculty consist of teacher/musicians who have practical, relevant experience in music education from pre-kindergarten to post graduate. As lifelong learners, our professors and instructors seek to instill a passion for not only making music, but teaching it as well. Education permeates every aspect of music instruction at SHU, and Music Education students graduate with necessary skills to become not only effective teachers, but also leaders in their field. The strong relationship between the Division of Education and the Department of Music at Siena Heights University shows the unique emphasis placed on a shared vision of Music Education that is a source of pride to students, faculty, and alumni. This commitment is exemplified through effective and inspirational teaching by outstanding faculty both in the Department of Music and the Division of Education, and as an accredited program through the Higher Learning Commission and Michigan Department of Education.

As such, Music Education students at Siena Heights University have the potential to become outstanding K-12 music teachers, at the state and national levels. This is accomplished through individualized attention in more personal settings, while not compromising quality or experience. Music Education students at SHU are collegiate members of the National Association for Music Education, Michigan Music Educators Association, and other professional organizations appropriate to their content areas.